The "Big" Thing

The BIG THING is finally here!

Decades of experience, over $20 million dollars of profitable real estate deals, all of our custom analyzers, a fully built and active network is now all rolled into one and delivered to you!


What is the BIG Thing and What’s In It For You?


The BIG Thing is not just one thing.
It’s many things that we’ll give you on a silver platter to help you do ONE important thing. And that ONE thing is to be able to BUY MORE deals even in today’s HOT market.
Before I tell you how the BIG Thing will help you do that, let me show you WHAT the BIG Thing is first.


The BIG thing Includes:


1. You get our investment deals 48 hours before everyone else!

You see, a LOT of our deals sell within 24 hours. One of our deals – in Southshore Chicago, sold in less than 12 hours. If you’re not part of the BIG Thing, you will lose out on some very HOT and very profitable deals. The real estate investors who are part of the BIG Thing will gobble up these deals days before you even see them!

2. You get joint venture opportunities 48 hours before everyone else.

I invite you to partner on my deals first before I open it to the 1,000+ investors in my email list. Some of these JV opportunities include:

– partnering on my rent to own deals, where you and I can make $50K, $60K, even $80K on rent to own properties

– partnering on rehab deals in great areas where you and I can make up to SIX FIGURES rehabbing these houses

– helping invest your retirement money (self-directed IRA) in real estate investments giving you 12%+ return passively

– and many more!

3. You get Gap FUNDING for your deals.

What is GAP Funding? Hard money lenders require that you put 20% down payment and you pay the points and have enough cash in reserves to pay for the holding costs (interest payment, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc). A $200,000 project will require that you have about $60,000 cash. As your Gap Funder, I can provide you with 100% of the down payment in exchange for partnering with you on the deal. By doing this, you get to do MORE deals!

4. You get our proprietary tool called “The DEAL EXIT ANALYZER”.

This tool is what I use in my real estate business in order to find out the MOST profitable EXIT strategy to use per every deal based on that property’s zip code (unfortunately, this tool is available only to Chicagoland customers). It’s not one of those calculators that will analyze a deal just based on the numbers. It also takes into account CURRENT MARKET INFORMATION as to which areas are the best for wholesaling, rehabbing, rentals or rent to own and even which cities or towns you should AVOID altogether. Because this tool is based on market information, we update it every quarter.

The Deal Exit Analyzer will even tell you creative exit strategies you may not have thought of like Joint Ventures, or doing Lease Option Facilitation or using Options. If you have not heard of these things, don’t worry – the next component of the BIG Thing will help you learn these creative and more advanced strategies.

5. Get 3 seminars worth $3,000 for FREE as a benefit of your membership to the BIG Thing.

What are these 3 seminars?

– Massive Rent to Own Riches Seminar – this seminar will teach you everything you need to know to be able to profit massively from rent to own. I love rent to own in today’s market. Which real estate strategy can you use to make $80K profit on a $192K house? Or $58K profit on a $94K house?
I make a minimum of $50K on rent to own while rehabbers struggle to make $10K-$20K on the same house.

– JV and Funding Summit – this workshop will teach you not just the art of doing Joint Ventures, you will also meet all the lenders you need to fund 100% of your deals. BY the end of this Summit, you will know how to do deals using none of your cash.
If you’re too busy to do deals on your own, during the Summit, you will have access to “Done for you JV deals” where we do ALL the work for you and you get to profit with us as our JV partner!

– Last but not the least (in fact, this is probably THE most important seminar), is the Science of Finding Deals Workshop. This seminar/workshop will teach you 21+ ways for you to find deals and 52 ways on how you can make money ANY deal (even properties selling at 100% of market value!). You will even learn how to speak and negotiate with motivated sellers so you can be a deal-making machine!

Each of these seminars sell to the public for $1,000 each but they’re free when you join The BIG Thing. Don’t worry if you can’t attend these seminars. They are going to be recorded and you get the videos by being a member of the BIG Thing.

Ready to take your business to the next level?


So, Let’s Recap:

With the BIG thing, you get:

  • HOT wholesale deals emailed to you 48 hours before everyone else
  • HandShakeHIGHLY PROFITABLE joint venture opportunities emailed to you 48 hours before everyone else
  • GAP Funding for your deals(or 100% down payment funding) so you get to do MORE deals
  • Our proprietary Deal Exit Analyzer tool which allows you to buy and profit from houses based on their numbers and based on the actual market activity for that property’s zip code
  • You get 3 powerful, content-only seminars worth $3,000 and they are all free for Elite members!


Okay, What Will the BIG thing Cost Me?


  • ? The better question is – what is the VALUE of the BIG Thing to you?
  • ? What is the value of a HOT wholesale deal that you get before everyone else?
  • ? What is the value of us providing GAP Funding for your deals so you get to do MORE deals?
  • ? What is the value of you knowing which cities/towns or zip codes in Chicagoland that you should AVOID and not even buy a house in?

Each of these benefits alone can make you (or save you) tens of thousands of dollars in profit.I could easily charge $1,000/month to make you part of the BIG Thing.

But I am not going to do that. The BIG Thing won’t even cost you $100/month or even $50/month even though it’s definitely worth more than either of those amounts.

You will get access to HOT wholesale deals and profitable JV deals before everyone else. you will get GAP Funding, you will get the same tool I use in my real estate business that help me buy and profit from deals and I’ll teach you everything I know through 3 seminars for the measly price of:


That’s right. For the price of a cheap dinner or a good lunch, you get access to…


and Training!

You might be saying – “Why is this so cheap? This sounds too good to be true!”

Well the answer to that is simple.

I am not a guru.
I don’t make money selling you outdated real estate information you can get for free on the internet. In my seminars, there are NO UPSELLS.

I don’t do COACHING or MENTORING. I just don’t have time for that.
Unlike most of the gurus who make more money by teaching seminars, I make 100% of my income by doing DEALS. I make money when you buy or co-wholesale one of my wholesale deals.
I make money when together, we JV on a rent to own deal. I make money when we fix-n-flip a house together.
But before you sign up, here’s a WARNING. Do NOT sign up if you’re not serious in doing deals.

If you’re just after the real estate education, please sign up with some guru somewhere. I don’t need your money, but I do want to work with you!

But if you’re serious about your real estate business and you want to buy more houses RIGHT NOW, then sign up below.

$19/month for first 20 sign ups only
{REGULAR PRICE: $29/month}

What? You have not signed up yet?

OK – here’s a BONUS to further incentivize you to sign up.

For the first 5 people who sign up, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to me personally by you and I having lunch together. You pay for lunch – you pick my brain and learn from my 14 years of real estate experience.

Others willingly paid up to $500 to have lunch with me. If you’re one of the first 5 members of the BIG Thing, you get a chance to have lunch with me for free (just pay for lunch)!

Great. Have you signed up yet? Good – I will see you on the other side and together, with the BIG Thing, let’s buy and profit from more real estate deals NOW and in the coming New Year!


Wendell de Guzman
Full Time Real Estate Investor
P.S. Who the heck is Wendell and why should I believe him?

Mr. de Guzman has bought and profited from more than $20M worth of real estate transactions since 2003 and CEO of a real estate investment company operating out of Oak Brook Illinois (suburb of Chicago). Mr. de Guzman’s real estate expertise has been featured in US News and World Report, and even on Mr. De Guzman has been featured in a podcast interview on – the largest real estate forum in the world. In addition to running a real estate investment company (PCI LLC), he also runs a lending company that caters only to real estate investors (HHS Capital LLC).

“Become Elite, Make Money”

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